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Red Dart Inflatable Boat and Dinghy Repair kits, adhesive and flexible paint.

A range of leading brand products at discount prices, Weaver Snap Davits, Insta-Lock System, Flexithane & Superflex Paints, Polymarine Adhesive, Solvent and Glue Kits.

Featured Product

Insta-Lock Snap Davit System

A Practical Design made to be Strong and Long Lasting.
Safe and Secure, with a Spring Loaded Lock Action.
Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Construction.

  • Insta-lock Snap Davits are a lock and lift system, designed to secure and stabilise an inflatable dinghy to the back of a Motorboat or Yacht.
  • Insta-lock Snap Davits provide a safer method for a person to enter and exit a dinghy.
  • When locked on, the dinghy can be lifted out of the water to a vertical storage position.
  • When locked and lifted, your dinghy avoids drag and fouling when cruising.
  • When locked and lifted, you can save space in the Marina and save on Berthing fees.rd-instalockpack

Insta-Lock snap davit installation guide

The Insta-Lock installation guide is user friendly and give comprehensive instructions and advice on which adhesive you would need.